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Our Vision for Growth with Equity

After working in various positions at LCCU for 20 years, no one should be surprised that Vicky Garcia has hit the ground running since becoming LCCU’s CEO in June. Vicky has been working alongside our 135,000 members, staff, and partners as we move closer to $1 billion in assets and continue to expand our reach and deepen impact across the Southeast. To learn more about Vicky’s vision for LCCU, check out a recent profile in the Triangle Business Journal.

A Generational Opportunity to Expand Latino Homeownership Across the Southeast 

Latinos are projected to make up 70% of homeownership growth from 2020 to 2040 (Urban Institute, 2021). This represents a generational opportunity to meaningfully narrow the $152,000 Latino-White Wealth Gap. In fact, Latino homeowners have a median net worth of $146,800. That’s four times more than Latino households overall! Without a doubt, homeownership can be foundational to generational wealth building, but it requires equitable access to the financial mainstream and quality mortgages. 

LCCU is leading the way. In North Carolina, hundreds of thousands of LCCU members have entered the financial mainstream, established credit, and taken out wealth-building mortgage loans. More than 8,000 members have become first-time homeowners and 99% of our mortgage borrowers are Latinos. Now, to ensure greater access to opportunity across the Southeast, we have expanded our mortgage program to South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. 

Interested in supporting more equitable access to homeownership? Your deposits can help. Contact us at Together we can advance racial and economic equity one family home at a time.

Meet Our Members

Catherine Bandy Carias became an LCCU member in 2010, soon after arriving in North Carolina from Honduras. At LCCU, she learned to navigate the US financial mainstream and gained access to the financial products and services she needed to invest in her entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Catherine and her husband run their own construction company, Pro Finishes NC. They have 6 full-time employees and work with 15 subcontractors. Earlier this year, Catherine met Vice President Kamala Harris, who came to North Carolina to participate in a moderated conversation with LCCU CEO Vicky Garcia and meet some of LCCU’s members. “I was proud to share about my experience as a Latina business owner with Vice President Harris,” said Catherine. “The Vice President asked me about my experience with LCCU and I said that I only needed one word ‘opportunity.’ Latino entrepreneurs have talent and commitment, at LCCU we have access to the financial tools and supports we need to pursue our dreams.”

Investing in Community

We are still beaming from the 2023 LCCU Scholarship Program Ceremony- this year, we awarded $143,000 to 42 inspiring students. What’s best, the Scholarship Program is funded by our members and staff. Every time a member swipes their debit card, LCCU donates to its scholarship fund. Meanwhile, this year, LCCU staff contributed $15,000 to the scholarship fund through the Employees Giving Back initiative. We donated through automatic payroll deductions and hosted year-round fundraising events. This year, we organized a cooking class, a scenic walk, a car wash, and raffled many goodie bags! 

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