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Electronic Services

Giving you the flexibility you seek and the comfort you need! Our electronic services come with all accounts and are available to all LCCU members.

How to update your contact information on Online Access

Via Online Access

  1. Visit our website 
  1. Click Member Login 
  2. Sign into your account using your username & password 
  3. Select Message Center at the top 
  4. On the right of the screen view Quick Links select the option that you wouldlike to update: 
  • Change Address
  • Contact Information (update phone number and email)
  • Change username and password 
  1. You will receive a confirmation when your information has been updated


How to update your information via Mobile App

  1. Login into your LCCU app 
  2. Click on More on the bottom right (3 dots) 
  3. Select Message Center 
  4. Tap on the plus (+) sign on the top right corner 
  5. Select subject> Miscellaneous 
  6. Select Related account> No Related Account 
  7. Type in the information you’d like to update:

– For example: Please update my phone number from #### to #####

– To update your address, you must mention your previous and the current address. 

– Update or provide your email.


Save time and secure your information. Sign up for E-Statements with these simple steps:

  1. Click on “Member Login” at the top right corner.
  2. Input your username & password and click Sign On.
  3. Once signed in, go to “Accounts” tab and choose “Quick Links” to the right side of the page.
  4. Select “Statement Options“.
  5. Mark E-statement as your statement preference option and select “Submit“.

New to online access?

Direct Deposit

With direct deposit you don’t only save time, but you start earning interest right away! Sign up today, it’s safe, fast, and convenient!

Latino Credit Union ABA Routing Transit Number: 053185503

Online Access

Keep your accounts accessible at all times! With online access you can:

  • Manage your accounts
  • Transfer funds easily
  • Use BillPay to pay bills and much more from anywhere
  • Communicate with us through secure messages
  • Apply for loans, order checks, and submit address changes
  • Sign up to receive text alerts and other notifications about your accounts

Mobile Access

With Mobile Access you can do much more while on the go:

  • Manage your accounts, transfer money, and review transactions.
  • Use text message alerts to monitor low balances, non-sufficient funds, overdrafts, deposits and withdrawals in your accounts.

Mobile Pay

With mobile pay, you can securely and easily use your LCCU debit or credit card with just one tap or click from your mobile device.

Google Pay
Google Pay users can pay with their phones at more than a million stores across the U.S.
Apple Pay
Apple Pay is the easy, secure and private way to make purchases with your iPhone®, Apple Watch or iPad anywhere.
Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay is the mobile payment service that works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card.
Visa Secure Remote Commerce
Visa Secure Remote Commerce is a safe, simple and easy way to check out online.