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Our Mission

Ethical Financial Products & Education to Empower Communities

Our Vision

Economic Opportunity for All


Our Values

LCCU values

What Makes Us Unique?

Valuing Diversity

We welcome members who are at all points along the financial continuum, which has resulted in a richly diverse membership from the U.S. and 110 other countries.

Bilingual, Personalized Service

We provide fully bilingual (Spanish & English), personalized, and culturally appropriate service. We understand the needs of newcomers, but also serve people in search of an ethical financial institution of great value.


We treat all members equally regardless of their background or the balance in their accounts. Our members benefit from our lower fees while receiving higher rates on their deposits.

Access to Credit

We accept alternative credit history, such as rent and utility payments. We also offer various credit-builder loan products.

Financial Education

We offer a comprehensive, bilingual financial education program including individual counseling, entertaining and educational videos, website resources, and a series of free workshops open to the public.

The Credit Union Difference

We are a not-for-profit financial institution with a social goal, equally owned and controlled by our members, who elect a volunteer board of directors. Credit Union profits go back to members in the form of more competitive rates and lower fees.

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