Dreamer Loans

Easy and affordable. The best way to cover the fee of your DACA application.

What you need:

  • Be a Latino CU member
  • Have a valid government issued photo ID from any country or a valid school ID
  • Proof of current physical address
  • Must be 18 or older to apply. Member under 18 may apply with the help of a parent.

What you get:

  • Total loan amount is $495 (DACA application cost)
  • 6 month loan term
  • Check issued directly to the Department of Homeland Security
  • No prepayment penalty
  • No proof of income required
  • Access your account online and do much more with our electronic services. Click here for details

The Fine Print

The important details

  • Approval subject to credit history
  • Late Payment Fee: $6
  • Returned Payment Fee: $5