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Educational Outreach

With more than 20 local and national awards, our financial education program stands out from the rest thanks to its unique approach to adult education.

Our expertise at your fingertips

We believe that financial education has a multiplying effect when it is done in the right environment. There are several studies which reinforce the concept of the impact financial education has on the lives of people and their families. So we developed our own comprehensive bilingual financial literacy curriculums and videos tailored to your and our members’ specific concerns and learning styles.

Train the trainer

We train each of our facilitators on how to use the credit union’s curriculum and the popular education methodology, which draws on the experience of learners, fosters dialogue among participants and the facilitator, and finds ways to stimulate action and reflection.

We also developed a toolkit of materials necessary to enable interested organizations to replicate this successful program, thereby impacting more families wherever they may live.

Let’s work together to create economic opportunities for all!


We know good intentions are often not good enough. Refer participants to our in-branch workshops! We will do the heavy lifting for you and share the glory!


Is your organization ready to add financial education to your existing resources or programs, but don’t know where to start? Partner with us and take advantage of our award winning curriculums and expert facilitators.

Do it yourself

Not in North Carolina, but with a burning desire to implement what we offer? Let your overachiever instinct take over and do-it yourself! We only ask you to contact us beforehand and to keep in touch afterwards.

Join more than 2,500 groups nationwide that have utilized our resources to better serve their clients and communities.

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