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Information for dealers

Why Choose Latino Credit Union?

Not only is a LCCU a great option with our competitive rates, low fees, fast approval and closing, but we also offer financing with credit history up to $50,000 and with alternative credit up to $20,000 with a 15% down-payment and up to $50,000 with a 30% down-payment. Get your clients started today!

To apply for a loan applicants must:

  • Be a Latino CU member (open a share account with a $10 minimum balance and $10 one-time membership fee)
  • Provide proof of income or, if they are self-employed, provide their last two (2) tax returns
  • Provide completed pre-qualification form
  • Have utility bills paid on time as proof of alternative credit and/or established traditional credit
  • Have paid in full all collection(s) or judgement(s) (certain exceptions exist for medical collections)
  • If approved, vehicle must be registered with NCDMV with a valid driver’s license

Vehicle Specifications

New and pre-owned vehicle financing is available up to 72 months for new and used vehicles meeting the following criteria:
Maximum Loan Amount Minimum Down Payment Traditional Credit History Required? Alternative Credit (Utility Bills) Accepted?
$50,000 Individual 30% NoYes
$20,000 15% NoYes
$50,000 Individual $60,000 Joint 5% Yes (1 year) No
We pay you back!
Through higher deposit rates and lower fees. Why wait? Experience the savings that only LCCU can provide.