Latino Community Credit Union works to create economic opportunities for all. We offer ethical financial products and education to empower communities.

Growing Opportunities

Latino Credit Union (LCCU) is a non-profit, member-owned community development credit union that serves 72,000 members across North Carolina. LCCU was started in 2000 after a rash of robberies targeting Latinos. We provide member-owners with the tools and knowledge they need to build wealth and strengthen their communities, serving as a model for financial inclusion and immigrant integration.

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“LCCU’s Dreamer Loan opened up the doors to my future. Qualifying for DACA gave me the opportunity to find stable employment in a professional environment. I’m also attending college.”
- Monica Torrijos

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Growing Capacity

Building member financial capability is fundamental to LCCU’s mission. Accordingly, we offer comprehensive financial education, both through a workshop program and as part of everyday interactions with members. LCCU members are not only managing their transactions with us, they are also building credit, purchasing homes, and saving for higher education and retirement. They are not only realizing their current dreams, they are also preparing for the future.

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“I’ve owned my painting company for many years. Thanks to LCCU’s financial education classes, I learned how to create a budget and how to plan for my future. Now I feel more secure and I’ve even decided to expand my business.”
- Obed Rodriguez

Meet Our Members

Growing Communities

LCCU’s goal is to help our members move along the financial continuum and integrate into the financial system. From starter accounts, to checking accounts, to IRAs, we help members save their hard-earned money. Accessible and affordable mortgage loans contribute to wealth creation, stability, and the revitalization of communities.

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“After years and years of knocking on the doors of multiple financial institutions to no avail, LCCU restored our confidence in the [financial] system. LCCU’s mortgage application process was quick and easy, and their service was unparalleled. Now, we own the house we had always dreamed of and are able to enjoy it with our family.”
- Claudinara Buzzacaro

Meet Our Members

Growing Together

Latino Credit Union’s remarkable journey over its history has demonstrated that a successful financial institution can have a social mission. LCCU has grown to 11 branches statewide. At the same time, we have been prioritizing the use of electronic services to more conveniently and efficiently serve our members. LCCU’s success at building a sustainable financial institution proves that economic opportunity for all can be an achievable goal.

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“When I arrived from Sudan in 2012, I didn’t speak English and had no idea how financial institutions worked in the United States. LCCU broke down the language and cultural barriers, making me feel at home. Today I have my car and my accounts thanks to their work.”
- Adam Ishag

Meet Our Members

LCCU 2016: Making an Impact Together

*In counties where we have branches

“Latino Credit Union has become a model and force for financial justice. People come from all over the country and the world to understand how the credit union does what it does.”

Martin Eakes
CEO, Self-Help Credit Union

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