Latino Credit Union is an IRS-authorized Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Acceptance Agent and can help you submit your application.
Requirements include:

  • Must be a member of Latino Credit Union
  • Must open a savings account with a minimum deposit of $10
  • Two valid forms of identification
  • Form W – 7
  • $50 Processing fee

What identification is needed to apply for the ITIN?

Two types of identification (See below for types of acceptable identification)

  1. Official identification with a picture (like a U.S. or foreign driver’s license)
  2. Identification that establishes your identity and nationality (like your passport or birth certificate)

What documents can be used to apply for the ITIN?

  • Passport – If a passport is presented, it is not necessary to show other identification.
  • Identification card that verifies your nationality (it should include name, picture, address, birth date and expiration date)
  • U.S. driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • Foreign driver’s license
  • U.S. state identification card
  • Foreign voter registration card
  • United States military identification card
  • Foreign military identification card
  • Visas
  • Personal picture identification card issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does ITIN mean?
A: ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Q: What can I use it for?
A: The primary purpose for using an ITIN is to declare taxes. The ITIN can also be used to earn interest on your accounts, to apply for loans, and build and maintain your credit history.

Q: Who can obtain an ITIN?
A: The ITIN is for individuals who cannot obtain a valid social security number. If you have a valid social security number, you do not need an ITIN.

Q: Where can I obtain a form to apply for an ITIN?
A: The form that is used to apply for an ITIN is called W-7 and can be downloaded in English or in Spanish by clicking on the following links: Form W-7 Spanish or Form W-7 English.

Q: Are there organizations or people that can provide help with the application?
A: Some local organizations can help you complete the forms, make photocopies, notarize the translation and mail the information. You can expect to pay for these services. Latino Credit Union offers this service to all members, as long as they provide the proper documentation.

Q: What do I need to obtain an ITIN?
A: You need two forms of valid, unexpired government-issued identification to apply for the ITIN. At least one document must contain your photo. Acceptable documents include: driver’s license or identification card issued by a U.S. state or your country of origin, passport, voter’s identification card, military card, or civil birth certificate issued by a government authority of your country. Children under 18 must have two forms of identification as well. You can apply with vaccination records or school records and any of the identification listed above.

Q: Do I have to submit anything else for the ITIN?
A: Along with Form W-7 and your supporting documentation, an original copy of a completed tax return form should be sent.
If you apply for the ITIN with LCCU, under “Exception #1”, you do not have to submit a completed tax form. You must be a member of LCCU, that is, you should open a savings account. Although you are not required to submit your tax form at the time of application, it is still very important that you declare your taxes.

Q: Do I have to wait long to receive my ITIN?
A: The IRS will mail your ITIN approximately eight weeks after completing the paperwork. If you apply with Latino Credit Union, your ITIN will be mailed to the branch where you applied. Upon arrival of your ITIN, we will notify you as well as change the status of your account to interest-bearing.

Q: What are the implications for immigration?
A: The ITIN does not have anything to do with the process of immigration. The IRS does not communicate with immigration officials from the Immigration and Naturalization Services(INS). If there is an amnesty program, it may be favorable for you to have your tax documents in order.

Q: Can I use the ITIN as a work permit?
A: No. The ITIN is only for people who cannot obtain a valid social security number. You should not give this number to your employer. The ITIN is not a work permit or social security number.

Q: If I have an ITIN, do I have to file my taxes?
A: Unless you are covered under one of the exceptions detailed in the W-7, the procedures state that your taxes will be filed at the time of application. If you already have an account with a financial institution that earns interest, you may qualify as an exception to this rule.